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Printable “For What It’s Worth” Quote

Download for what its worth free printable

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “For what it’s worth” quote is the best quote on living a fulfilling life that I’ve ever read. Period.

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    This quote is 100% pure inspiration. The words are as sweet and sticky as honey. Hope and optimism practically drip from every line. And I love it, all 113 words of it.

    In fact, I love this quote so much that this is the second printable I’ve created for it. This time, though, I decided to take a different approach to the design.

    For what its worth quote with green circle in background

    What’s Included in the “For What It’s Worth” Printable

    Here are the details on this version of the printable and what to expect in the file:

    The file has five versions of the quote. There are four versions with a simple circular background element rising behind the text. One version has a blank background.

    The background element has neutral, muted colors, i.e., yellow, blue, green, and orange. The colors add depth and visual interest but don’t overpower the message.

    The actual quote is printed in an easy-to-read font. The font color stands out well on the page without being harsh. The type is large enough to read with ease.

    For what its worth quote with orange circle in background

    The Printable is Free Because I Love Sharing Stuff

    Did I mention that this printable is free? Yep. It’s completely free.

    We love sharing stuff – especially great messages like this one – and we hope you do too. If you love this printable, please share it with others.

    Sharing is easy using the handy share buttons at the bottom of the page (if you’re on mobile) or the left side of the screen (if you’re on a desktop).

    Download the “For What It’s Worth” Printable Here

    To download, simply select the image below. You don’t need an email to download because we don’t need to know your email. (You’re welcome!)

    Download the for what it's worth quote free printable here

    Easy Printing Tips to Get the Best Results

    You’ll get the sharpest results and strongest tones using heavier, brighter paper. I used Hammermill Premium Color Copy paper (nope, I don’t get anything from them for saying that). The color and clarity were fantastic and the bright white creates a nice backdrop for the text and background element.

    If you don’t have fancy paper for color copies, don’t worry. You can print on everyday plain copy paper and the copies still look good.

    The file prints on letter-size paper.

    For what its worth quote with text only

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    Final Thoughts

    This is truly one of my favorite quotes. I hope you feel as inspired by Fitzgerald’s words as I do.

    A note… There has been some controversy about whether Fitzgerald actually wrote this quote. You can learn more about whether Fitzgerald has been misquoted in this article.

    Do you like the printable? Please let us know in the comments.