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Paper Templates: Free Downloads

Why buy paper when you can print what you need when you need it?

My free paper templates come in a convenient range of styles. You’ll find a varied selection of lined, dotted, column, and graph papers.

These print-friendly downloadable pdf files are the perfect solution when you have limited storage space. No more figuring out where to store all that extra paper you don’t need (and don’t really want to buy).

I recently uploaded a 5 Whys Excel spreadsheet template. It doesn’t really fall into the Paper category, but it’s free and you can print it out, so I figure this is a good place for it. 🙂 If you’re looking for a problem solving tool that will help you identify the root cause of a problem, the spreadsheet is worth checking out. I even included instructions to make the whole thing painless if you’re not really a spreadsheet person.

A recent addition to the paper templates collection is this 5 Ws and 1 H graphic organizer. These worksheets are perfect for gathering information about historical events, short stories, news articles, and more. There are three styles to choose from. Whether you’re a college student, homeschooling mom, teacher, or parent, these worksheets are handy learning tools.

Want to make taking notes and studying easier? Check out my Cornell notes templates. You can download Word or PDF versions. The template is available in eight different banner colors, which makes it easy to color-code your notes by class or topic.

Head over to this post on printable lined paper for download links. All of these paper templates are free. No email is required.

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