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This Gratitude Definition [Free Printable] Will Inspire You Every Day

Gratitude Definition [Free Printable]

One of the best changes in my life happened when I began practicing gratitude regularly.

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    Print this free printable as a reminder to practice gratitude on a daily basis.

    What is gratitude?

    Gratitude is being:

    • Appreciative for the love and support shown by the people you care about
    • Thankful for being uniquely you and for the opportunities you’ve received
    • Aware of and willing to return the kindnesses others have shown to you

    This gratitude journal helps you identify all that you have to be grateful for. The download includes both daily and monthly journalling pages.

    Download the Gratitude Printable as a .JPEG

    The file is saved as a .jpeg with 300 dpi for clear printing. The image is saved with a white background, so be sure to print the image on white paper. The image will print up to 16″ x 20″.

    Select the image below to download the .jpeg file. When the new window opens, choose the Download option.

    gratitude definition download

    Download the Gratitude Printable as a .PNG

    If you prefer the file in a .png format, you can download the file here. Note that you may need to preview the file after you download it to see the text. This is because the text is dark and the background is transparent, which makes the text hard to see.

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