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Fun and Easy Doodle Examples for Bullet Journals

doodle examples cover image

These doodle examples are easy to draw and fun to use on bullet journal pages.

You don’t have to be an artist to draw these. It’s easy to get started. Just print out a sheet of our dotted paper (we offer three grid sizes), grab pens or pencils, and start doodling! It really is that easy.

Draw like you were five again. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Doodles are cute because they aren’t perfect.

Every little line that’s a little too wiggly and every circle that’s a little too wobbly makes your doodle unique. Doodling is about fun, not perfection.

Easy Doodle Lines Using Colorful Ink

Here are the first two doodle divider line examples I made with our dotted paper. These are perfect dividers for bullet journals. I used a combination of gel pens and colored pencils.

The dot pattern is a little hard to see on this scanned image. It’s easier to see on the black and white example below this one.

Colorful doodle divider lines for bullet journal

Easy Doodle Lines in Black & White

Here is an example with similar elements. I used an inexpensive office pen to draw these.

Doodle divider lines for bullet journal in black and white

That’s it for now, but be sure to check back soon. I’ll add more doodle examples soon.

Download Our Dotted Paper and Start Doodling!

Ready to give it a try? Learn more about our free dotted paper printable. Or, download instantly with a single click. The file prints on standard letter-size paper and is available in three grid sizes.