Dotted Paper Printable [Letter Size]

Download this dotted paper printable and use it for everything from bullet journaling to doodling to writing out notes for class.

Yep. It’s that handy.

Dotted Paper Pattern

This printable has three grey dot patterns:

1/4″ squares (5 dots per inch)

1/2″ squares (3 dots per inch)

1″ squares (2 dots per inch)

Preview the Dotted Paper Here

This first example shows the 1/4″ pattern (5 dots per inch):

Dotted paper with 5 dots per inch

This second example shows the 1/2″ pattern (3 dots per inch):

Dotted paper with 3 dots per inch

This third example shows the 1″ dot pattern (2 dots per inch):

Dotted paper with two dots per inch

Customers who download this file also download our free Printable Lined Paper.

Download the Dotted Paper Printable Here

Click on the image below to download the free printable. The download includes all three dot patterns and is designed for letter-size paper.

Download dotted paper printable here

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Final Thoughts

We hope you find this paper printable useful. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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