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5 Free Christmas Wish List Printables That Will Melt Your Heart

Christmas Wishlist Printables for Kids

These wishlists are so cute, they’ll melt your heart like a marshmallow dropped in a cup of hot chocolate.

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Imagine the best Christmas morning of your childhood. You’re standing in front of the Christmas tree. The lights twinkle and the gifts beg to be opened. You stare in awe. mouth wide open, at the sight in front of you. It’s magical.

Now it’s time for a reality check:

As kids, we had no idea how much work went into creating that magical scene.

As parents, we know that creating magical Christmas experiences takes work. Lots of work. From figuring out what to buy everyone to actually buying and wrapping all those gifts, it’s a huge job.

We have a free download for you that will put a little more jolly into the holiday season.

Christmas Wish Lists So Cute You’ll Forget They’re Useful Too

These five downloadable Christmas wish lists make it easier to keep up with who wants what this holiday season.

They’re like an easy button for gift giving.

5 Reasons to Download These 5 Christmas Wishlists

5 reasons to download these 5 wishlists
Need we say more?
  1. They’re seriously cute.
  2. They won’t cost you a penny.
  3. They’re super easy to download.
  4. They won’t drain your printer ink cartridges.
  5. You don’t need to give up your email to get them.

Christmas Wish Lists for Kids

#1 – Is that the Grinch behind that sign?

Christmas Elf hiding behind a Christmas wishlist

That may (or may not) be the Grinch holding this wishlist.

While we can’t confirm the Grinch sighting, we can confirm that this list has seven wide-spaced lines for kids of all ages to write on.

#2 – There’s no FOMO in this family.

Modern style Christmas trees and presents Christmas wishlist

No one needs to worry their wish won’t get on this list.

This two-column style has plenty of room for wish-making. Post this one on the fridge for easy family access.

#3 – I wish I may, I wish I might, get the wish I wish tonight.

Christmas wishlist with Christmas ornaments

A Christmas wish that is.

The deep blue and red color scheme gives this wishlist a contemporary style. This is a good option for family listmaking or individual gift lists.

#4 – The reindeer wins the race by a nose, a bright red nose.

Christmas wishlist with a reindeer and Christmas trees

The Christmas trees and reindeer vibe will get everyone in the holiday spirit.

This style features two side-by-side lists, which makes this is a good option for large families with long wishlists.

#5 – What’s better than a polar bear in a scarf or a penguin in a hat?

Christmas wishlist with a bear in a scarf, pine trees, mittens, and a penguin

Not much, really.

This style is adorable and print-friendly. Save paper and ink without any loss of cuteness. This page has four lists with room for a name at the top of each list.

Download All 5 Wishlists in one PDF File

Select the image below to instantly download the file. As with all of our files, this pdf file comes with our Safe Downloads Promise. Learn more.

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A Few Tips on Colors and Printing

Colors vary on different screens, so the printed color may look a little different than what you see on screen. Printer paper also varies in terms of whiteness and weight. These two factors also affect how files look when they’re printed.

Even taking these things into consideration, your wishlists will still look great when you print them. If you decide you really want to look their very best, you can take them to an office supply store and use their printers and a bright white quality paper.

To get the best possible prints when printing at home, use a premium color copy paper. We use Hammermill Bond Premium Color Copy paper for our premium print tests. We use Office Depot Copy & Print paper for general quality testing.

There’s definitely a difference in how prints look on each paper, but for everyday printing, Office Depot’s standard copy paper works just fine.

Final Thoughts

We hope you love these Christmas wishlists as much as we do. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

We would also love it if you would share the post on your social media feed. Not only are you sharing a little happiness with others, but you’re also helping us get the word out about the free files we offer.

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P.S. This printable was created using illustrations from Pixabay. A big thank you to all the artists who put their heart and talent into these wonderful illustrations.