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Christmas Planner Printable [Free]

This free Christmas planner printable will make Christmas planning so easy even the Grinch will smile.

Table of Contents

    Pages Included in the Christmas Planner Printable

    This planner includes these seven pages:

    • Must Do List to keep up with all the big and little things that need to be done to avoid a Christmas catastrophe.
    • Deep Clean Checklist to clear away the cobwebs, dust bunnies, and greasy-grimeys that have crept in since the last deep clean.
    • Menu Planner to take your dream meal from ho-hum-blah to an epic family feast that will impress both your mother-in-law and Aunt Trixie.
    • Grocery Shopping List to keep up with everything you need to avoid a culinary failure of epic proportions on the day of the big event.
    • Online Shopping Planner so you can avoid the local mall and big box stores on Feeding Frenzy Friday, er, Black Friday.
    • Spending Tracker to avoid that *oops* moment when you realize you’ve blown past your current budget and will need yogi-level flexability to get your budget back in order in January.
    • Blank Recipe Card because your Aunt Betty is not going home until she knows what’s in your green bean casserole that’s not in hers.
    Christmas Planner Printable Showing All Pages

    5 Reasons to Love This Printable Christmas Planner

    1. The simple, rustic designs and a bit of egg nog will soothe your frazzled holiday nerves.
    2. The tiny Christmas trees on each page are cuter than a barn full of goats in striped pajamas.
    3. You don’t have to be a Scrooge about printer ink because printing these pages won’t drain your ink cartridge.
    4. There’s no need for agonizing or gnashing of teeth over which pages to print because the file is only seven pages – print them all!
    5. You’ll sleep better knowing that you have checklists and trackers and note pages so you can write down all the important Christmas stuff that would otherwise keep you up into the wee hours of the morning.

    Download the Planner Here

    Select the image below to download the planner.

    Download Christmas Planner 

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    Final Thoughts

    What do you think about the planner? Let us know in the comments below.

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