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A Free Habit Tracker to Keep You Motivated

Simple Life Habit Tracker

Download this free habit tracker to keep you focused and motivated. Then, enjoy the success you feel as your actions turn into habits.

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    What is a habit tracker?

    A habit tracker is a sheet you use to monitor your progress in reaching a goal. Your goal could be anything from drinking water, to getting enough sleep, to studying for an upcoming test. Any habit you want to monitor can be tracked with a habit tracker.

    Why use a habit tracker?

    The best reason to track anything, including habits, is that it keeps the habit in the forefront of your mind. Not only that, but the more you repeat the action, the more likely it is that the action will become a habit.

    Using a simple habit tracker is an easy way to remember to take action and to repeat that action regularly.

    In addition, I think part of what makes habit trackers so great is the feeling of accomplishment as you check off your progress. Be sure to keep the tracker handy, so you can get to it easily. Then, take the time to mark off each accomplishment as you achieve it. After that, sit back and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

    5 reasons to love this habit tracker

    5 Reasons to Love This Habit Tracker

    I love this habit tracker and hope you will too. Here are five reasons to love this tracker:

    1. It’s super simple to use. Just place a checkmark or fill in the box each time you carry out that action you’re tracking. Easy peasy.
    2. There’s a tracker for each month. Yep. All twelve months of the year are included in the file.
    3. The pages are colorful but not distracting. I love color, but too much of it on the page is distracting and wastes ink.
    4. You can track multiple habits on a single sheet. There’s no need to worry you’ll run out of space for tracking. You can track up to 15 habits per month.
    5. The tracker is 100% free. You can download the file and enjoy an extra Starbucks with the savings.

    Download the Habit Tracker Here

    Here you go! Just select the image below to instantly download.

    The file includes all 12 months of the year. In addition, the file prints on letter-size paper in landscape orientation, not portrait. As with all my downloadable files, this file is covered by my safe download promise.

    Download the free habit tracker here.

    Do you like the tracker? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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